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Monday 28th March since 12.45 (after opening ceremony) until 20:00 (Welcome reception)

Tuesday 29th March since 10:00 until 17:30

Wednesday 30th March since 10:00 until 17:30

Thursday 31st March since 10:00 until 16.40 (After coffee break)




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Airbus is an international pioneer in the aerospace industry and a leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace antennas for Telecom, Navigation and Earth observation satellites.

Airbus Italia, with its outstanding expertise in satellite communication, is a recognized Italian industrial leader for selected products, including SatCom antennas for airborne, railways, passive and active RF components, ground modems






Altair transforms design and decision making by applying simulation, machine learning and optimization throughout product lifecycles. Altair provides leading EM simulation software, widely used in many industries to solve a broad range of electromagnetic problems from static and low frequency to all high frequency electromagnetic effects, independent of electrical size, materials, or geometrical complexity. Industry sectors include aerospace, defense, automotive, communications, consumer electronics, energy and healthcare industries and applications range from antenna design/placement/de-coupling and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) to propagation modelling & network planning and special solutions for e.g. cable harness modelling, integrated windscreen antennas, or radomes. In addition Altair also offers best-in class local technical support, an attractive licensing model as well as excellent services and consultancy.

To learn more, register for our virtual workshop "Efficiently Simulating and Optimising Antenna Placement in Virtual Test Scenarios". The workshop was originally planned as a physical industrial workshop for EuCAP 2020 but is now available online instead. Sign up here

For additional information and learning from home resources, check out our website







The Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) is a non-profit The Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) is a non-profit, international organization dedicated to the development and dissemination of theory, best practices and applications of antenna, radar signature and other electromagnetic measurement technologies. Visit for more information. Please join us for the 44rd Annual Symposium of the Antenna Measurements Techniques Association (AMTA) to be held October 9 – 14, 2022 at The Westin Westminster. The venue has Colorado’s breathtaking Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, is ideally situated between Boulder and Denver, providing convenient access to downtown area attractions as well as abundant outdoor recreation activities. We look forward to seeing you in the Mile High state of Colorado!





Anritsu Corporation, a global provider of innovative communications test and measurement solutions for 125 years. Anritsu’s philosophy engages customers as true partners to help develop wireless, optical, microwave/RF, and digital solutions for R&D, manufacturing as well as installation and maintenance applications.

No matter what your application is, Anritsu is your partner for mm-wave Vector Network Analyzer and Spectrum Analyzer needs. The VectorStar™ Vector Network Analyzer family offers a frequency range from 70 kHz to 220 GHz. The ShockLine™ vector network analyzer family offers support from 50 kHz to 43.5 GHz, with an E-band unit that support 55 to 92 GHz. Visit the stand to speak to an Anritsu expert and get a demonstration of these solutions.






Antenom Antenna Technologies has created a new concept with reusable block-based antenna and microwave component design methodologies. This new concept is useful in antenna and microwave training and research at the universities. Antenna and microwave engineers working in the industry use the products for rapid prototyping and test their ideas rapidly. This concept prevents the waste of material, cost and time in prototyping and teaching stages. There are 3D CAD models of the antennas and microwave components which enables them to be imported into any electromagnetics simulation tool and use the kits for project based learning and the design of complex structures.

The products family is called Anten’it. Anten’it is the market leader as an antenna training and research kit in the industry. 





Anteral develops innovative technology complying with the most challenging requirements in the fields of antennas, passives and radar technology for space, telecommunications, defense, smart cities and industry sectors, among others. Anteral is formed by a passionated highly qualified team committed with the client necessities that results in a company with a culture based on the innovation, team building and self-improvement.





Antenna Systems Solutions is a European company committed to delivering innovation and outstanding service worldwide. Through our dedication, we strive to offer on putting customers first by presenting them with industry expertise as a supplier and producer of antenna metrology measuring systems for Aerospace, Automotive, Academia, Commercial, and Defense industries. We design solutions for any RF communication equipment test requirement, we will work with your team to provide you with the optimal test setup for your application. Our offering covers Near-Field/CATR, Radome test ranges, RCS systems, microwave anechoic chambers, state of the art positioners, reference antennas, probes, and automated measurement software. Our experience and products allow us to customize the test systems according to the customer requirements for optimal performance and flexibility. ASYSOL leads in the invention, development, and manufacturing of the RF industry's most advanced antenna test systems, translating these advanced technologies into value for our customers through our range of professional solutions, services, consultancy, professional training and valued employees. Our global presence throughout our representative network enable us to offer a high quality service and support to ensure log term maintenance of our systems and products.







Apple is an American multinational technology company that specializes in consumer electronicssoftware and online services. Apple is the largest information technology company by revenue (totaling US$365.8 billion in 2021) and, as of January 2021, it is the world's most valuable company, the fourth-largest personal computer vendor by unit sales and second-largest mobile phone manufacturer. It is one of the Big Five American information technology companies.






Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, SIMULIA delivers realistic simulation applications that enable users to reveal the world we live in. The 3DEXPERIENCE integrates tools from across Dassault Systèmes different brands and breaks down the silos between design, simulation and other departments. SIMULIA applications accelerate the process of evaluating the performance, reliability and safety of materials and products before committing to physical prototypes. SIMULIA offers an advanced simulation product portfolio with industry-leading technology in powerful, user-friendly environments. SIMULIA’s technology range covers simulation disciplines such as structural mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, multibody dynamics and electromagnetic field simulation for a true multiphysics simulation approach. The SIMULIA technology portfolio also includes tools for process integration, system design and optimization. This simulation technology portfolio is accessible to users in their working environment, on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA or stand alone.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform supports simulation users, bringing together all the data and tools for the project into a single source of truth allowing engineers to design and test using a virtual twin. 






Emerson &Cuming Anechoic Chambers is the world leader in development and manufacturing of microwave absorbing materials and anechoic chambers. The production of leading-edge materials and engineered solutions result in the design and manufacturing of custom parts. Our focus remains on the worldwide EMC- and Antenna-Test Site Market. In joining the Albatross Projects Group we benefit of their project management capabilities, thus concentrating of “cutting edge” absorbers for the Test Site Market.





For more than 75 years, ETS-Lindgren has been manufacturing a wide range of products renowned for setting the research, development, production, and service standards of the RF/Microwave Test and Measurement Industry. Having the proven technical depth expected of an industry leader, with more than 50,000 RF Shielded installations worldwide, ETS-Lindgren can guide our customers to an optimal test and measurement solution for their specific product application. Solutions include turnkey systems for Government/Aerospace, Automotive, EMC, and Wireless applications. We offer RF/Microwave Far-Field, Near-Field, and Compact Range Chambers for Radar Cross Section as well as Antenna Measurement Systems for 5G NR, OTA, and MIMO OTA performance testing. ETS-Lindgren’s popular antennas are available in standard and custom designs. Our diverse absorber product line is well known for its durability, high performance, non-hygroscopic design, and high-power handling capabilities. As an end-to-end integrated supplier, we also manufacture multi-axis positioners, field probes, and monitors, to name a few. Turnkey system solutions feature EMQuest™ software for fully automated 2- and 3-D antenna pattern measurement for passive antennas and active wireless devices. ETS-Lindgren’s customers can count on continuous support through our six manufacturing sites and more than 750 employees worldwide.








The European Microwave Association (EuMA) is an international non-profit association with a scientific, educational and technical purpose. The aim of the Association is to develop in an interdisciplinary way, education, training and research activities, including:

  • Promoting European microwaves
  • Networking and uniting microwave scientists and engineers in Europe
  • Providing a single voice for European microwave scientists and engineers in Europe
  • Promoting public awareness and appreciation of microwaves
  • Attaining full recognition of microwaves by the European Union
  • Organizing European Microwave Symposia and, in particular, the European Microwave Conference (EuMC) and the European Microwave Week (EuMW), as well as all the associated events
  • Circulating information among European microwave scientists and engineers

The Association is allowed to perform all actions directly or indirectly related to its object. In particular, it may organize any form of cooperation between its members, symposia, seminars, study schemes, and carry out and publish studies, magazines or books, etc.







The European Association on Antennas and Propagation (EurAAP) is an international not-for-profit Association with a scientific, educational and technical purpose, registered in Brussels, Belgium, under European law.


The 4 pillars of EurAAP are the European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP),  the European School of Antennas (ESoA),  the Reviews of Electromagnetics (RoE) and the Working Groups (WG)






Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. Huawei has more than 195,000 employees, among which more than 107,000 are R&D employees (54.8% of the total). We operate in more than 170 countries and regions, serving more than 3 billion people worldwide.

Huawei’s mission is to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. To this end, we will: drive ubiquitous connectivity and promote equal access to networks to lay the foundation for the intelligent world; provide the ultimate computing power to deliver ubiquitous cloud and intelligence; build powerful digital platforms to help all industries and organizations become more agile, efficient, and dynamic; redefine user experience with AI, offering consumers more personalized and intelligent experiences across all scenarios, including home, travel, office, entertainment, and fitness & health.
Huawei supported the stable operation of 1,500+ carrier networks across 170+ countries and regions. Multiple third-party test reports on 5G network experience in large cities ranked Huawei's 5G networks top. Huawei participated in 3,000+ innovation projects worldwide and worked with carriers and partners to sign 1,000+ 5GtoB project contracts, spanning 20+ industries.
At Huawei, innovation focuses on customer needs. We invest heavily in basic research, concentrating on technological breakthroughs that drive the world forward. For the past more than 30 years, we have continually created value for customers and society at large. Our continuous progress has won us wide acclaim. In 2021, we ranked 44th in the Fortune Global 500, up five places compared to the previous year. We are also furthering efforts in R&D investment for sustainable development. Huawei now ranks 2nd in the 2021 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard.
Huawei is a private company wholly owned by its employees. Through the Union of Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd., we implement an Employee Shareholding Scheme involving 121,269 employees. Only Huawei employees are eligible to participate. No government agency or outside organization holds shares in Huawei




IMST GmbH is a competence center and professional development house for antennas, high-frequency circuits, wireless modules, and complete communications systems. We provide individualized support to any customer during every phase of product development, from initial consulting to series production. IMST has the added resources of critical partnerships in the commercial marketplace and in the publicly sponsored research sector.








Mician is a leading developer of EDA software tools for passive microwave components, horn antennas and feed networks. Our µWave Wizard products combine the flexibility of 2D/3D FEM with the speed and accuracy of traditional Mode Matching techniques. The benefit of using Mode Matching lies in its ability to perform and combine sub-circuit type full wave simulations, in conjunction with full parameterization of structural geometries for use with our built-in optimizers. The fast, easy composition of complex RF structures using basic building blocks eliminates the need for creating a full-up 3D model of the entire structure and speeds up the development process enormously, thereby significantly reducing cycle time. In addition to its fast and powerful numerical methods, µWave Wizard tools offer an appealing and ergonomic GUI that enables flexibility and openness including CAD export formats interfacing with most mechanical design tools. For more information please visit





MVG is proud to deliver to market a suite of connectivity measurement systems which are evolving at industry pace, including applications such as base-station antenna testing, handsets, antennas, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, 5G and more protocols, GPS, both in OTA and passive measurement configurations.



NSI-MI introduced the world to microwave antenna measurement systems and is the preferred global supplier of antenna, radar cross section, and radome measurement solutions. Today, our innovative products, systems, and services lead the industry in setting new standards for tomorrow’s performance. From world-class in-house testing facilities to delivering industry-leading turnkey systems, we provide the highest quality measurement products on the market. Our full range of standard products and custom-designed systems are backed by our longstanding commitment to precision-engineered accuracy, reliability, and lasting performance. We provide the right solution for every RF measurement need and our worldwide network of service professionals are always available to offer support.





Planar Monolithics Industries (PMI) has been in business for over 31 years as a manufacturer of electronic components for defense applications. Since its founding in November 1989 by Dr. Ash (Ashok) Gorwara, PMI has become a leading supplier of High Reliable, Low-Cost Systems offering unique innovations in RF, Microwave Components, and integrated Assemblies from DC to 63 GHz. Most recently, PMI was acquired by Quantic Electronics that will lead a team of Technocrats and Management experts that possess the technology and talent to develop unique products for applications in space, military, communications, telecommunications, commercial, and consumer electronics systems.




QuadSAT is a Danish company that supplies drone based antenna testing and tracking solutions to the satellite, defence, wireless and broadcast markets. QuadSAT’s system combines advanced drone technology with a custom RF pointing payload. As a compact system, it is transported directly to site and when launched as a mission it will provide customers with insitu testing capabilities, resulting in a cost-effective, operationally flexible, and timesaving solution. Contact our staff booth to arrange a live demonstration.




SENER is an international leader in the space industry, with more than 275 pieces of equipment and systems successfully supplied to satellites and space vehicles for NASA, ESA, JAXA and Roscosmos. Institutes and companies such as CNES, Airbus Space & Defense, Thales Space, OHB, RUAG, SELEX and CSIC also number among its clients.

In Space and Astronomy, SENER provides engineering and production services in five spheres of activity, where it has the capacity to cover complete systems as a principal contractor.

SENER is an international leader in the space industry, with more than 275 pieces of equipment and systems successfully supplied to satellites and space vehicles for NASA, ESA, JAXA and Roscosmos. Institutes and companies such as CNES, Airbus Space & Defense, Thales Space, OHB, RUAG, SELEX and CSIC also number among its clients.




Simcenter™ is a flexible, open, and scalable portfolio of the best predictive simulation and test applications that support the designer at every step in your digital journey. Simcenter combines system simulation, 3D CAE and test to help predict performance earlier. By combining physics-based simulations with data analytics insights, Simcenter helps optimize designs and delivers innovation faster.




STAR Dynamics Corporation has an extensive history within the international, defense-related Research Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) community, leveraging a product legacy of ultra-wideband (UWB) RCS/Imaging and precision Time Space Position Information (TSPI) tracking Instrumentation Radar systems. Established in 1988, STAR Dynamics was built on innovation of state-of-the-art electromagnetic technology. With a strong pedigree of more than thirty years of development, manufacturing, sales and aftermarket support of high-technology radar systems, STAR Dynamics is now globally recognized as the industry leader of these instrumentation systems for both commercial and military applications. STAR Dynamics is also registered with the U.S. Department of Defense as a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), which has facilitated the company to expand its instrumentation technology base within the international defense community. STAR Dynamics is focused on providing the best support possible to its domestic and international customers, and investing in development of future technologies to maintain market superiority.






SyMat is a COST Action investigating the electromagnetic properties of new classes of metamaterials and metasurfaces, made of periodic cells invariant under higher symmetries, such as glide or twist symmetries or other kinds of symmetries involving time, such as PT or PTD symmetries. These symmetries lead to marvellous uncommon properties: ultra large bandwidth of operation, reduced losses, scanning capabilities, and enhanced stopband for electromagnetic bandgap materials. They have the potential to meet the expectation of new communication devices. SyMat organizes periodic scientific meetings, convened sessions at international conferences, funds scientific missions and training events co-organized by ESoA. Participation of young researchers and female investigators is especially expected. More information on SyMat activities can be found at





TICRA is the world's leading supplier of EM simulation software for antenna industries, including spacecraft manufacturers and space agencies, earth-station antenna suppliers, defence industries and research institutions. With 50 years of experience in developing trusted solutions for the space industry, TICRA provides highly accurate EM simulation software for reflector antennas, feeds and related waveguide systems as well as near-field to far-field transformation software for spherical test ranges. Our expert engineers are available to customers through software support and consultancy services. As a global company with agents around the world and 40 employees located in central Copenhagen, our software has become tools of choice for antenna experts worldwide.





The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is a public university, located in MadridSpain. It was founded in 1971 as the result of merging different Technical Schools of Engineering and Architecture, originating mainly in the 18th century. The majority of its Engineering Schools are consistently ranked as leading academic institutions in Spain in their fields, and among the very best in Europe. Over 35,000 students attend classes during the year. UPM has, among its objectives, the creation, development, transmission and criticism of science, technology, and culture. To this end it also works from its Institutes and Research Centres, assimilating the changes taking place in out society and maintaining its vocation for excellence, which is why it has both national and international recognition. UPM holds double recognition as a Campus of International Excellence, a distinction that refers to the quality of its research and teaching activity.





VDI manufactures state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment for mm-wave and THz applications. These products include Vector Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Generator Extension Modules that extend the capability of high performance microwave measurement tools to higher frequencies. VDI's component products include detectors, mixers, frequency multipliers and custom systems for reliable operation at frequencies between 50 GHz and 2 THz. All VDI components include in-house fabricated GaAs Schottky diodes and microelectronic filter structures.




WavePro established in 1993 is an EM test ranges provider based in Taiwan. During those 30 years, over 200 EM test ranges have been successfully installed, including Near Field & Far Field Systems, Spherical NF, VHF low frequency test ranges, Taper chamber replacement, Compact Antenna Test Ranges and Radar simulation Ranges. Current focus of WavePro is CATR applications with unprecedent reflector quality with it’s new patented Diamond shaped reflector. A new chip antenna test system @ 110 GHz has been installed in many countries in the world.



The flagship product of the WIPL-D software suite is a general purpose full-wave 3D electromagnetic solver. Fast and accurate numerical engine is based on the Method of Moments employing higher-order basis functions and quadrilateral mesh. This particular choice results in high EM simulation efficiency considerably moving higher the size of the solvable problem for the case of inexpensive CPU/GPU platforms. Unbeatable EM simulation speed enables rigorous convergence studies of the results and together with intuitive CAD modeler, allows users with diverse levels of EM simulation experience to obtain reliable results. WIPL-D products are used in wide area of antennas and MW circuits design, antenna arrays and radome, RCS, EMC, antenna placement, etc.

WIPL-D’s team of skilled and experienced engineers can assist you to meet the projects goals in time and within budget. All customers are welcomed to join forces with technical support team to get the most from WIPL-D software suite. Registered users have access to free 30-day trial and e-mail-based training.





XPHASED Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on microwave and millimeter wave active phased array antennas. We provide a full range of multifunctional integrated chips, modules, active arrays, complete machines and other products related to millimeter wave phased array antennas, as well as testing services. The core R&D team members have created many domestic initiatives in the field of millimeter wave phased array. It has strong R&D technology capability and rich experience in R & D and production management in the aspects of pedigree chip / module R&D, series integrated R&D, scenario based product application solutions, and related process production technology, full-automatic test equipment, etc.






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